GreenCoat RWS is a material specially developed for the production of metal drainage systems produced by the Swedish concern SSAB.

The material has a special organic paint coating, 35 microns thick on each side. On its surface are polymer granules, which provide excellent protection from scratches. Complies with ISO 2808.

The thickness of the paintwork is optimized to provide maximum protection against wear caused by weather conditions and mechanical stress. The surface retains its original color and shine throughout its life. The material is incredibly plastic, which allows you to make elements of any shape, without disrupting the structure of the coating and metal.

GreenCoat RWS is made from hot-rolled galvanized steel. The zinc layer is 275 g / m2. Steel fully complies with European standard EN 10346.

Metal has a corrosion protection level of RC4, according to the standard EN 10169. The material can be used in any climatic regions, even in regions with a humid maritime climate and high levels of salt in the air, and in regions with a high level of pollution.

Metal GreenCoat RWS complies with Class 1 fire safety according to Swedish Standard SS 02 48 23.

All tolerances on the characteristics of the elements comply with the standards of the European Union EN 10169.

Tough compliance with global environmental standards has always been a priority for SSAB. The company is certified according to ISO 14001.

Steel produced by SSAB is fully recyclable.