Reasons to choose Aqueduct rain gutter systems:

  • Perfect size of rain qutter system for a private residence: gutter has diameter 125 mm and downpipe is 87 mm.
  • Hi-end, fully aytomatic machinery made in Finland.
  • Premium quality EU hot-dip galvanized steel with 35 mcr special pilyester paint on both sides and RC4 level of corrosion resistance.
  • Thermal stability: minimal expansion during hot summer and cold winters.
  • UV stability: paint coating doesn`t fade.
  • Environment friendly: steel used  for production is certified ISO 14001 and 100%.recyclable.
  • Simple installation: no use of any sealants and other additional fixers is required. Can be done by handy homeowner. Installation is allowed at a temperature down to -15 degrees.
  • Ice and snow resistance: 0.6 millimeter steel and strong gutter brackets will withstand any harsh winter load.
  • Fire-safe: no evaporation of harmful substances in case of inflammation. Meets ISO 1716 certificate. Flame- residence in accordance with ISO 1716.
  • 50 years of Limited Warranty!

Our motto is to give the best quality for a fair price!