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SOFIT is a panel whose functional purpose is a decorative solution. decoration of the cornice overhang in the overall concept of the design of your home, as well as additional
ventilation of the roof to avoid damage to the layers of the roofing pie damp or fungus. By selecting spotlights, during the arrangement of the eaves overhang, you already get an advantage over those who opted for metal or PVC wall paneling; you increase the life roofs, due to better ventilation of the roofing pie.



  • Mechanical strength.
  • Soffit resistance to damage, impact and impact
    environment preserves the attractive appearance of spotlights throughout
    their service life.
  • Versatility. Soffits are used not only for sewing the space under the roof, but
    and for finishing ceilings in various rooms.
  • Easy to care. Spotlights do not need painting and updating throughout the entire period.
    services, but in order to restore their appearance, it is enough to periodically wash
  • Resistance to biological factors. Unlike facing materials from
    wood, spotlights do not moldy and are not affected by the fungus.
  • Great appearance. Spotlights easily hide behind all communications and wiring, and
    the lock connection of the panels also hides all fastenings of the facade components.
    Convenience and ease of installation. Mount spotlights easily and quickly at any time of the year.
  • Fire and environmental safety. The materials from which the spotlights are made,
    non-toxic and non-flammable, which makes it possible to use them for special
    construction with increased demands for sustainability, to aggressive environments and to
    fire safety (medical facilities, service stations, gas stations, etc.).
  • Wide range of temperatures. Soffits do not burst and do not corrode under
    influence of temperature in the range of -50 – +120 C.
  • Extending the life of the roof. With the help of perforated spotlights sewn
  • Roofing spaces: ventilation is provided through the holes, resulting in
    the service life of the roof increases.
  • Low weight. This parameter is extremely important for the renovation of old buildings, whose facades can
    not withstand the load that is inevitable when facing using traditional


Advantages of Aqua soffit:

  • 10 year warranty – complete solution water drain + soffit;
  • color resistance to UV radiation;
  • wood structure of panels and profiles; (embossing the outside under the tree)
  • the length of the panels and profiles is 3 m, the optimal size for transportation to the objects.

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